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The creative manifesto

Creativity infuses your life with magic. It helps you breathe splendor into moments and see the world with curious eyes. The creative life isn’t about follows or accolades, fame or fortune (although it sometimes leads to these things).

It’s about unearthing your unique gifts, it’s about being of service in the way that only you can. It’s about contributing your time and energy to something that brings you joy which, in turn, spreads joy to the world.

A creative day is never a wasted day. Even if you feel like you haven’t done your best work. It’s about showing up and honoring, finishing the commitment you’ve made to your own soul. It’s about sharing your voice, be it through words or paint or photographs or music or leadership or design.

Ultimately, the creative life is a life of gratitude. Every time you sit down to do your work, you’re saying thank you to your self and your stories and life as a whole.

So tell me, what will you create today?


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productivity party

You know that thing you really want to do? The one that you keep putting off?

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accountability group

Maybe it’s one of these

Writing a book

Starting a business

Launching a podcast

Writing a thesis

Creating a website

Learning something new

Being more creative everyday

Creating an online course

Focusing on a big work project

Looking for a new job

Planning an event

Starting a newsletter/blog

Revisiting an art project

Living a creative life


We want you to know…

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Truth #1

It’s totally do-able.

Truth #2

Resistance will show up and try to stop you.


What do you need?

A whole lotta love? Right this way…

 Or a lil Insta love? We gotchu covered…


Who’s behind this?

Hi, I’m Kat! I have started about a million projects over the course of my life. When I look back at the things I’m most proud of, they are always the projects I saw through to the end. I have been studying creativity for over 10 years and have worked with hundreds of people to make their creative ideas a reality.

I founded Tell Your Damn Story in 2017 to help people share their stories and quickly realized that people also craved a supportive space to write (or re-write) their story. I believe in the power of creativity and I believe in the power of community. Creativity can be a deeply rewarding yet lonely endeavor. Nothing makes me happier than watching people form a happy, healthy, and productive relationship with their creativity. That relationship has the power to change your life.

I’m so glad you’re here… let’s do the damn thing.

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Kat Short is not only brilliant she is a mastermind with words and ideas that solve problems, but she is also a kind soul with so much heart and compassion for others. Making an investment with Kat has been one of my best because she gives freely like no one else I know, and every moment spent with her and her material moves you forward and sparks your own spirit of creativity. I value Kat and can’t wait to work with her again in the future.
— Rebecca Keselburg | Inspiring Your Shine
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Kat created and held a space for us as creatives to show up. By fostering a supportive community around our projects, I felt both encouraged and motivated to succeed. She was incredibly helpful in troubleshooting questions that arose with my project and created a container for us as creatives to support one another towards reaching our goals. I highly recommend working with Kat if you are looking for support, guidance, and encouragement as a creative.
— Sara Weinreb | The M List + Medium Well Podcast